Episode 111: Returning to Exercise with Chronic Illness

Jenn Pike

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by functional nutritionist and medical exercise specialist Jenn Pike for a discussion about why movement is critical especially when healing. Removing the constraints to why exercise is last on the list is a great place to start.

Jenn specializes in women’s health and hormones and is the bestselling author of
The Simplicity Project as well as her two cookbooks The Simplicity Kitchen and The Simplicity Body.

She is the founder of the global and revolutionary women’s health programs The
Hormone Project, Synced and her Simplicity Body Movement series. These programs are dedicated to teaching women what they should have known about their bodies all along; the incredible healing abilities, wisdom and power their bodies hold and how to bring them to life.

You can catch her weekly tips and tools on her podcast The Simplicity Session and her YouTube show Simplicity TV. She sits on the Advisory Board for STRONG Fitness Magazine and contributes to CHCH Morning Live, CTV, Global, CP24 and Breakfast Television.

As an inspired wife and mom of two, she understands that true well-being is a journey to be enjoyed not a struggle to be forced. She will inspire you to create more simplicity and ease in all you do.

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Who is Jenn Pike and how did she begin her career?
Discussion about her bestselling book, Simplicity Project
What are women unique especially when it comes to exercise
What are the best ways to exercise?