Lisa Vasile

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, and nurse practitioner Lisa Vasile discuss why they both moved to a functional approach to care for their patients. Using a comprehensive approach, offering education and providing nutritional support can improve many symptoms that have not been resolved with a conventional approach. It is all too often that both these practitioners see patients after they have gone to several providers previously without getting answers to their health issues.

Lisa is a functional medicine nurse practitioner and the creator and owner of 4 Better Health Functional Medicine practice in Hopkinton, Mass.

Lisa earned a bachelor’s degree in science and nursing from Fitchburg State University and a master’s degree from UMass Graduate School in nursing with a sub-specialty in education. During her 30-year career, she has served as a U.S. Army nurse for five years, taught with the faculty at UMass Graduate School of Nursing, Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and MassBay Community College, worked in and taught OB/Gyn being a part of over 2,000 deliveries and hundreds of prenatal classes. She has always used movement and nutrition as the key to optimal wellness and vitality for herself, her family and her patients.

Lisa’s enthusiasm for nutrition and functional medicine pushed her to obtain a post master’s certification in Holistic Health and Nutrition, Gluten Specialist Practitioner certification and Functional Medicine training through School of Applied Functional Medicine and Institute for Functional Medicine.

Lisa is a preceptor for nurse practitioner students in her practice, supports functional medicine students as moderator for a global online functional medicine school and mentors other NPs, PAs and MDs through shadowing and mentorship programs. Her passion has brought her two health segment interviews with CNN, as well as many cable and radio shows.

Lisa is passionate about moving her body using a combination of gym, weight training, yoga and walking daily.She knows the health power of joy and overall peace and uses regular grateful and meditation practices. She has been married for 27 years and has three grown children (19, 19 and 24).

She presents regularly to inspire and empower the community and practitioners about functional medicine’s deeper healing potential and to debunk the concept that “it’s normal (or acceptable) to feel crappier as we age.” She is passionate to change the paradigm of feeling “FINE” for the expectation that we can feel “VIBRANT” and to share the power health when focusing on “Vitamin P and Vitamin J” (Passion and Joy).

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What does a functional approach mean?
How is it different from conventional medicine?
Why is this approach personalized?
The approach requires a partnership that is not a typical patient-provider one.