Kris Newby

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, interviews Kris Newby, the author of the revealing book “Bitten.” You may already be familiar with Newby, who was the senior producer of the shocking documentary, “Under Our Skin,” which became a 2010 Oscar semifinalist. Her goal with the film and the book was the explore and uncover missing data surrounding why and how Lyme disease has become such a devastating, ignored and misunderstood illness.

Kris is an award-winning science/technology writer. “Bitten” won a 2019 Silver Nautilus Book Award in Journalism & Investigative Reporting and the top 2020 International Book Award for narrative nonfiction. She has two degrees in engineering: a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and a master’s degree from Stanford University. Previously, Newby worked for Stanford University, Apple, and other Silicon Valley companies. She lives in Palo Alto, Calif.

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Where did your interest start with Lyme Disease?
Info on Under Our Skin Documentary
Who was Willy Burgdorfer?
How did his work lead you to your Book, “Bitten”
How did you find the info/research?
Were ticks at one point not infected?
How did animals become infected to then pass on the infections to new ticks?
Where repercussions on your research?
Why has there been such push back to work on better testing/treatment?
Tell us the positives you see after your book was published.
What had you hoped would happen after this incredible information came forward?