Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by Jim Girard, the inventor of the Biocharger NG, and Jim Law the managing director of their firm, to discuss the science behind the BioCharger. The team’s common ambition is to apply energy healing technology to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Jim Law

Jim Law

Jim has served as managing member of AB, LLC since co-founding the firm in 2013.

With a focus on strategy and business development, Jim’s entrepreneurial track record includes founding/co-founding two prior start-ups that implemented innovative and disruptive technology based solutions that changed the way their respective industries did business. Both firms were sold to public companies (Siemens and Comfort Systems USA) and were successfully integrated into these firms’ product and service offerings.

Prior to starting his own businesses, Jim held executive positions in the technology world at companies such as Apple Computer and NeXT.

Jim is married with four children and lives in Brewster, Massachusetts.

Jim Girard

Jim Girard

Jim brings more than 25 years of subtle energy research and experimentation to the team, which led to the introduction of the original BioCharger concept in 1993.

In 1988, Jim was privileged to have studied under Dr. Orville Fitz, a protégé of Nikola Tesla which led to Jim’s experimentation with Tesla coil and multiple wave oscillation (MWO) technologies. He then experimented with combining various Nobel and Inert gas filled tubes to incorporate the visible light spectrum, and applied the concept of pulsing frequencies from Rife and Lakhovsky to form a unique and hybrid subtle energy platform.

In a few short years, his company Advanced Technology Concepts had accomplished what no others previously had, discovering how to unlock the benefits of multiple subtle energies simultaneously and wirelessly. AB, LLC acquired ATC in 2013 and Jim is a now a key member of the BioCharger NG product development team.

Jim attended the University of Akron and Kent State University studying Applied Math and resides in Brewster, Massachusetts, with his wife and five children.

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