Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by health coach and author Maria Rickert-Hong, who offers her personal experience with PANS, PANDAS and autoimmune encephalitis.

Maria Rickert Hong

Learning that recovery is possible, she co-wrote the book, Brain Under Attack: A Resource for Parents and Caregivers of Children with PANS, PANDAS and Autoimmune Encephalitis, to guide those affected by these disorders.

Maria is a former Wall Street sell-side equity research analyst who is now a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. As a health coach, she helps parents make diet and lifestyle changes to recover their children from symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder, almost autism, autism, PDD-NOS and ADHD. She has recovered her two boys from SPD, asthma and acid reflux.

Maria is the author of the bestselling book, Almost Autism: Recovering Children from Sensory Processing Disorder, A Reference for Parents and Practitioners.

Maria is the Education and Media Director for Epidemic Answers, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that lets parents know that recovery is possible and is the sponsoring non-profit of The Documenting Hope Project.

You can learn more about Maria at her website.