Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by Barbara Olendzki, RD MPH LDN, for a fantastic discussion about nutrition. Barbara is an associate professor and Director of the Center for Applied Nutrition at UMass Medical School in Worcester, Mass. She is doing her part educating medical students about the importance of nutrition. She joins Cindy to discuss the impact nutrition has on health, especially chronic illness like Lyme Disease.

Barbara Olendzki

Over the course of her long career, Barbara has been at the forefront of a quiet revolution within medicine: to change the course of chronic, often deleterious diseases through nutrition. Her accomplishments have spanned research and its translation to clinical practice, and integration of this knowledge into educational curriculums for health care providers.

Years of discovery and excellence at UMass Medical School have instilled in her the belief that nutrition can and will continue to be an essential aspect of medical care in the future.
Barbara’s research focuses on developing innovative ways to improve the design, implementation and adoption of evidence-based nutrition treatment for chronic disease.

Although national nutrition guidelines (for healthy people) have been issued, many Americans struggle to meet these requirements, resulting in an escalating crisis of obesity, diabetes, and interestingly, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). As a nation, we are failing to meet the most basic nutritional needs.

She has developed the IBD-AID (anti-inflammatory diet), which is purposed to modify the intestinal microbiome to prevent and treat a variety of autoimmune diseases. She is currently engaged in research directed at primary prevention by modifying the diet of pregnant women with Crohn’s Disease.