Dr. Tracey Thomas

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by Dr. Tracey Thomas, who explains the science behind fasting. Giving the body a break from food can have many benefits. As a naturopath and having treated her patients with a nutritional approach, she found ProLon to be a product that she could stand behind.

Dr. Thomas is dedicated to improve health and well-being through evidence-based and innovative medicine. She has a proven ability to build relationships and sees her role as a clinical conduit of scientific information between healthcare providers. Tracey believes nutrition is the foundation of our health and her passion to use food as medicine has helped people optimize their quality of life.

Tracey has 18 years of clinical practice experience specializing in personalized nutrition for gastric bypass patients and supporting cancer patients with collaborative protocols to minimize side effects of cancer treatment and avoid drug-nutrient interactions. She received her Bachelor of Science from Indiana University, followed by her Naturopathic Doctorate from National University of Naturopathic Medicine, is a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology, and a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

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What is ProLon?
What benefits does Fasting Mimicry provide?
How was it developed and what type of patient is it designed for?
The science around fasting
The sources of the ingredients in the plan
How does fasting help chronic illness?