Episode 3: Overcoming Lyme Disease

Jennifer Heath

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by #1 bestselling author Jennifer Heath as Jennifer discusses her new book “Overcoming Lyme Disease: The Truth About Lyme Disease and The Hidden Dangers Plaguing Our Bodies.” Jennifer discusses how you can be an activist and “Lyme Warrior” and some of the surprising things she learned in the course of writing her book.

Jennifer is the best-selling author of “Overcoming Lyme Disease.” She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. As a leader on the Lyme Disease and Co-Infections group on Facebook and on her blog Jennifer coaches and inspires Lyme patients all over the world by sharing what they can do from home to heal and where they should go for help.

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Transcript of Episode 3: Overcoming Lyme Disease

Announcer: Welcome to Living with Lyme. The podcast where we educate, advocate and collaborate about Lyme disease. Hear from experts, as they share reliable information about how to live with Lyme disease. And now here’s your host, nurse practitioner, Cindy Kennedy.

Cindy Kennedy: Hello everybody. This is your host Cindy Kennedy from Living with Lyme, and I have live, on the line, Jennifer Heath, who is a author, and she has just released her book, “Overcoming Lyme Disease,” that comes with a handbook for life healing. She is a Lyme warrior activist and has unbelievable information to share with us today. Hi Jennifer, how are you?

Jennifer Heath: Hi. Good morning. I’m doing great. How are you doing?

Cindy Kennedy: Doing okay. Excited to hear from you. I was so happy to have a friend introduce us, and we were able to share stories about our struggles with Lyme disease. And I know you wrote a book that is going to give information, not only about you and your nightmare, but also information that you have found, that people don’t know about. So tell me why you wrote your book.

Jennifer Heath: Okay, well I wrote my book because number one, I couldn’t believe the nightmare that I was going through with finally getting diagnosed with Lyme disease and all the … and then once I was diagnosed, then I was left and thrown to the wolves and said that, two weeks of antibiotics and I should now be cured. But at that point, I was now bedridden and left for dead.
So I wrote my book to share my personal journey and to also share the modalities of things that I did. I’m doing deep-tissue cleansing and different things, because I’ve been on my health journey for 35 years, and so once the Western medicine left me for dead, then I started implementing the holistic approach, and that’s what got me out of bed and got me doing better. And as I sought more different modalities and doing oxygen treatments and so forth, I documented that doing a blog. And then I then moved that into a book, because I wanted to help people.

Cindy Kennedy: Right. And you know, there aren’t very many people out there that have a good outcome because they don’t know where to go. And I know you have information in this book that will blow people away. So can you tell me what you have uncovered, so that people can become more aware and become an activist, so that we can make changes? Because like I had said prior to you, off-recording here, is that we really need a million-man march. We need people to gather together. These small communities of people can’t do things that larger communities can. So let’s hear that information.

Jennifer Heath: Well thank you. Well as I mentioned, I’ve been on my health journey for a while. And so as I was writing my book and talking about what the modalities and different things I was doing from home, I got introduced to Kathleen Dickson online, who was a whistleblower for the fake LYMErix vaccine. And so I actually started listening to what she had to say and the science and about the Lyme crime. And it totally made sense. It totally backed up my experience and everything that I went through.
And also, at the time, I’ve been a administrator for Lyme disease and co-infection group on Facebook. And so I’ve seen this, all over the world, the same stuff happening, where people are left to die, told two weeks of antibiotics are fine, and now they’re … and then I was in emergency rooms and doing all this, so it totally backed up this crime that she said happened. And then you look at all of the evidence from the CDC criminals, how they actually had patents on the LYMErix vaccine.
A patent, Yale University owns the only patent that they should be using to test for Lyme disease, it’s a 41-kd flagellin. And they applied for that in 1991, and that was really what they were using before Dearborn [inaudible 00:04:19], where the CDC officers, certain CDC officers changed the case definition and the testing for Lyme disease.
So at one point, Lyme disease was known as neurological Lyme. They actually had a MS and Lyme division at the NIH, National Health Institute. So they actually were studying all of this stuff, so they knew that Lyme had MS-outcome neurological issues. So anyway, that’s all been hidden, pretty much. Because, you know, they’re trying to change what this disease really is.
So the disease has two outcomes, and even the criminals at the CDC, Allen Steere, they published papers before all this. They said 41 kd is what you need, then you rule out syphilis for looking at symptoms. So the reason why they changed the case definition was because they were working on a Lyme vaccine, and they were actually giving people the neurological outcomes, because they were injecting the outer surface protein, which is the fungal antigen, into people, and making them deathly ill. And so that’s why the change happened.

Cindy Kennedy: Now you mentioned-

Jennifer Heath: So go ahead.

Cindy Kennedy: That’s okay. You mentioned the woman who you met. I know that there’s a big deal about what she put forward regarding what had gone on with this Lyme crime. So I want the listeners to understand what her role was. So tell me that.

Jennifer Heath: Okay. So her role was, she was a analytic chemist for Pfizer, so she would actually explain what the science did. So she would take that information, explain word for word and describe it. So she’s very knowledgeable and so testing too on things, she understands that. She saw that this testing, how they changed the testing to try to pass this Lyme vaccine, was not the normal FDA-standard testing that tests for specificity and it’s more toward something.
So she saw that they didn’t do that right, so she blew the whistle on the FDA about how the testing was fraud. So she blew that whistle in 2003, to the Department of Justice, and they’ve been sitting on this case since 2003, and have not done anything about this. And even Senator Blumenthal-

Cindy Kennedy: How is that possible? How is that really possible? Doesn’t that really make no sense at all, when there are people doing little things and getting jailed, etc. I understand that without her decision herself, was admitted to a psychiatric institute and her children were even taken away.

Jennifer Heath: Yeah, she was thrown in jail, because she was trying to get the local officials … she was sending them, faxing them information and calling their offices, and just showing about this crime and that it needed to be looked and somebody needed to do something. So she got actually thrown in jail and her children taken away. And when she got out of prison, she told the judge that she would never talk about this again. But you know, she’s … and I’m like, “You’re talking about it. Are you worried?”
And she’s like, “No, because the science is there.” Nobody wants to pull her back into court, because if they do, then this is gonna blow. We have all the CDC crime, if they want to come after at this point. They don’t want to be in a court right now. None of these CDC criminals do. Because we have their information against them, their patents against them, their stuff, their own written material, that’s what we’re using against them.

Cindy Kennedy: Okay, so let me understand this. There were, more or less, political officials that were trying … political and certainly the Center for Disease Control, they were trying to actually make money on falsification of data associated with a vaccine. They then changed the way the testing needed to be. And that’s what they still go by, and this is why many people are undiagnosed, because they don’t reach that criteria. And no one has been able to use the research, the data, to say, hey this is wrong, this is what happened, and we need to go back and fix this so more people get healthier.
So this has been a huge coverup, and no one has addressed it. Is that the biggest part of this?

Jennifer Heath: Oh, well yeah. And you know, this coverup is so huge, but they do this with other vaccine … there’s a lot of vaccine failures that they’re covering up. But you know, the big thing is like, the Bayh Dole act that was passed in 1980 that gave certain government officials rights to patent their own work. And so these people saw this … you know, really Lyme disease is relapsing fever, you cannot ever ever, there’s no way that they’re ever going to be able to make a vaccine against a relapsing fever, and antigen that keeps changing its form.
And that’s what it does, it sheds its outer surface proteins, which is a fungal antigen similar to bathroom scum. And that will shut down the immune system so the body can’t recognize it and it becomes a whole new antigen. So this thing, there’s no possible way that you can actually vaccinate against something like this.
And the information that they have, and they used a … because they fund, American Lyme Disease Foundation, they started in 1990 to spin this disease to the world, calling it a so-called bacterial infection, when they knew otherwise that it was far more worse. Because it’s actually a parasitic spirochete that sheds fungal antigens, the outer surface protein that’s a fungal antigen, that’s what it sheds to shut down the immune system, to avoid your body’s immune system.
They know that 85% of the population will never ever have an immune response to this.

Cindy Kennedy: This is unbelievable.

Jennifer Heath: And so that’s why they started the ELISA test. This is why they started the ELISA test, because then 85% of the population would never have Lyme disease. They would never be able to pass a test saying that they had that, even though they’re bedridden, wheelchair, have ALS, MS and all these outcomes of a spirochete infection, they’re not gonna be able to be diagnosed.
So if this crime continues, and it’s not prosecuted, this case definition will never be changed back to what it is, the relapsing fever. People won’t then be able to … we won’t have research to help those people to get better. Antibiotics does not kill a parasite. It doesn’t go after fungal infections, and it definitely doesn’t go after the viruses that are now able to run wild. And that’s the synergy of this disease is that, when your immune system’s shut down, almost everybody has Epstein-Barr, herpes, all those viruses, they get to run wild on the immune system. Your body will not recognize it.
And that’s why people are … and there’s all these different symptoms. How you’re feeling, everybody’s different, is because our bodies are all different, and what this disease does. So it’s very complicated, but yet if we actually changed this case definition back and started including, did the right testing, the 41 kd, that’s … they have flagellin test. They know what they can do. People can get tested for that.
Then let’s look at how do you treat post-septic syndrome, because that’s what these people have. And you know, I believe in a lot, in holistic, the gut health and deep-tissue cleansing and enzymes and doing oxygen treatments that actually go ozone and different things like that that actually wipe out viruses, because that’s what we have to wipe out.
And so, in my book, I go into all these modalities, but you know, the biggest thing is that insurance doesn’t cover any of this. Which is, we have a really bad sick care system. You know, we don’t have a health care system, so you know, it would be really nice to see though if this could get prosecuted, and then people could then start getting the treatment that they could use and insurance would look at that.

Cindy Kennedy: Yeah, people need to get together, and they need to become a Lyme warrior, just like you. They need to petition and write to and call their local and their state representatives, and start saying, “Hey, I’ve learned this. I know about what happened and we need to address this.” Because the CDC still runs the information that these doctors are using to test it. And they’re blind and they don’t want to hear about this Lyme crime. They don’t buy into it. And so now we’re all stuck with not getting the appropriate diagnosis early enough to really help ourselves.
So we really have to band together and fight this. I know that you went to Washington DC and put forth this information so that you can make more of these people aware of it. Do you feel that there was a good outcome with that?

Jennifer Heath: Yes. Yes, and thanks for mentioning that. Yeah. So we went there in the beginning of June. I went with the whistleblower for the fake LYMErix vaccine, Kathleen Dickson. And we did, we got into several senators and congressmen, and we sat and talked to a lot of different people, aides and so forth. We sort of documented it. I did video there, which went a little viral, which was really awesome.
But the problem is that ever since we’ve been there, the CDC now has really turned up their attack on people that are sick with Lyme disease, saying that chronic Lyme does not exist, two weeks antibiotics are fine, you know, everybody’s nuts if you are sicker than that. And they’re going after ILADS now for their treatments for Lyme disease. And they’re going after anybody holistic. They’ve been reading my blog apparently and actually started attacking me on coffee enemas and actually at one point in the Merck Manual, that was one of their first lines of defense in a hospital, would be actually an enema for people. It’s funny how they attack something that has been around for years. [crosstalk 00:15:08] It’s all good.

Cindy Kennedy: So let’s, for the people, ILADS is the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society. And I do understand that back in February 2016, the CDC actually took their “Ways to Take Care of Lyme” in the database, they removed it, and the only thing left was the International Lymes and Associated Disease guidelines. So that-

Jennifer Heath: Which are not good, because they’re not addressing the real disease.

Cindy Kennedy: Exactly. They pile on-

Jennifer Heath: Yeah, so even ILADS. Yeah.

Cindy Kennedy: They pile on all the antibiotics, which you know, in my thought process, as a nurse practitioner, if you can get to it immediately, which we know that less than 25% of people actually get that rash, that bullseye. But it seems to be good if you do get that immune response and it shows up and you get immediate treatment, and the treatment is longer than three weeks, which I’ve been pushing for, and as a nurse practitioner, when I have patients coming in, I’m treating them longer. So maybe they’ve seen their primary care, they’ve gotten 21 days of Doxycycline, I add an additional 21 days on regardless.
I don’t treat from the outcome usually, because I don’t get to see them, because I do gynecologic care. But I do pack on that extra one, and I have seen very good outcomes. Long-term, you know, 5, 10, 15, 20 years, I don’t know. I don’t know, but that’s what we can do right now as an initial feed. And then these people who need more treatment, they’ve just … unfortunately, I’ve heard and seen with my own eyes, people drain their bank accounts, max out their credit cards trying to find care.
And in the future here, I’m going to have an excellent naturopath, and he’s actually from Utah, and he’s gonna give us tips. The best thing about this is he will be able to work with people by phone, which hopefully will get people on the right track.

Jennifer Heath: Yes. Yes. I believe that naturopath doctors are awesome.

Cindy Kennedy: What are your plans for the future right now?

Jennifer Heath: My plans for the future are … well right now I’m doing audio for my book. I’m making it into audio form, because I have a lot of people wanting that. And I’m looking into starting a Jennifer Heath foundation, where I can run my book and speaking engagements through. Because I want to go around and I want to speak and bring awareness, and I want to actually train doctors as well.
And another thing … I have so many different things that I want to do, lord-willing if it works out, I’d like to start a non-profit to help people get the holistic treatments they need. And another big thing I want to see done is … and I have holistic doctors interested in this idea, but to start some place where they go where people can learn a deep-tissue cleanse that I talk about in my book.
And then also get like, oxygen treatments and also any biological dentists, you know, have your mercury and your root canals and your cavitations removed so your body can heal so there’s … I have all of these great ideas, but you know, baby steps, one thing at a time.

Cindy Kennedy: Golly gee. One step at a time. That’s truly, really what you have to do. You know, what would be really helpful is any of these holistic providers that really want to get more people with Lyme disease, then you know, those names need to come to me so I can put that on my resource list. So people who come and listen to these podcasts can actually have names of people. So as you get them, please forward them to me so I can list them. Because we really need to find better ways for people to take care of themselves. And all of your information is so worthwhile, and I really encourage people to purchase “Overcoming Lyme Disease” from Jennifer Heath, because this is a way for you to take care of yourself at home.
Now, before we wrap up here, I got a couple of questions for you. So the first one is, what ticks you off?

Jennifer Heath: What ticks me off is that the CDC has been getting away with this, not only for Lyme disease, spinning the disease, but also with these childhood vaccinations that are actually giving these children the disease. Like MMR, autism, one out of fifty children are now getting autism. And that’s from the MMR vaccine. And it really ticks me off to see our children being abused by our system.

Cindy Kennedy: Right, right. Okay, now you and I have suffered grave consequences from having Lyme disease. I feel like myself, I’m never gonna be the old Cindy Kennedy that I was. I’m working at it. I have to work at it every day. So I look at it as, I was given lemons, and I gotta make lemonade. So, Jennifer Heath, you were given lemons in a very large quantity. How did you make your lemonade?

Jennifer Heath: I created a book. I wrote a book. That’s how I made my lemonade. I turned my negative into a positive. I used the bad things that happened to me and turned them into good things to help other people as a learning lesson.

Cindy Kennedy: That’s awesome.

Jennifer Heath: So that’s how I make my lemonade.

Cindy Kennedy: Good, and you know what? I make an excellent lavender-flavored lemonade with lavender essential oil. It is to die for. And what’s even better about it, you can add your own vodka or gin to it, and make it your own. How do you like that?

Jennifer Heath: There you go.

Cindy Kennedy: There you go.

Jennifer Heath: Well you know what? You have to read my book. It’s tequila. Tequila is the only upper alcohol. And it’s good for your sugar. There’s so many health benefits, good for digestion, all sorts of things. So I would say use tequila instead.

Cindy Kennedy: Okay, I got it. I got it. Yup. And I heard that George Clooney just sold his company for billion or three billion or something, about his tequila. So maybe George, if you’re listening out there, maybe you want to talk to me a little bit about this. Maybe, how about this, he send us samples. How about that?

Jennifer Heath: Yeah, there we go. We want samples. Yeah.

Cindy Kennedy: That’s a good thing. Oh my god, Jennifer, this has been awesome. I really encourage you out there to purchase her book, so you can learn more, so that you too can overcome your own Lyme disease. I thank you again, this has been Cindy Kennedy. Hope you’ll join us next time with Living with Lyme.

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