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A medical professional's tips for living with Lyme disease.

"People with Lyme disease, and those closest to them, are encouraged to learn how to advocate for themselves. This website, and my educational podcasts, are meant to help with that process."

Cindy Kennedy, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Latest Podcasts

Episode 119: Root Cause Medicine to Gain Insight into Illness

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by Dr. Sean McCloy for an examination of the different approaches between allopathic and functional healthcare. Finding "why" an illness is occurring is the basic philosophy of a functional approach.

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Episode 118: Optimize Nutrition for Performance and Health

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by Ashley Besecker, an expert in human biochemistry, for a discussion of the difference between caring for people who are sick and tired and athletes who are trying to optimize their wellness for performance. The bottom line is optimizing good nutrition and appropriate supplementation to balance the body and improve wellness.

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Episode 117: Importance Of Detoxification For Health

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, has a deep conversation with Dr. Shanhong Lu about the role our toxic environment plays on chronic illness. Since the body has a limited ability to detoxify on its own, there are very important raw materials such as antioxidants that are needed to achieve removal of harmful substances. Once the body is over burdened from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the pesticides in our food, illness can set in. Supporting all pathways for detoxification is key to a healthy body and mind.

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Test Your Tick!

Learn what microbes the tick may be carrying, including pathogens that cause Lyme Disease.

Expert Tips


When I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, I found these online resources to be invaluable sources of reliable information.


Your best defense against tick-borne illnesses is to avoid contact with ticks. Follow these steps to protect yourself and your family.

Essential Oils

Essential oils provide true health benefits, backed by research, as well as pure scents. And they're safer than candles.