Dr. Shanhong Lu

Dr. Shanhong Lu

Cindy, FNP has a deep conversation with Dr. Shanhong Lu about the role our toxic environment plays on chronic illness. Since the body has a limited ability to detoxify on its own, there are very important raw materials such as antioxidants that are needed to achieve removal of harmful substances. Once the body is over burdened from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the pesticides in our food, illness can set in. Supporting all pathways for detoxification is key to a healthy body and mind.

Dr. Lu has an extensive background, including internal medicine, integrative medicine, nutrition, anti-aging, as well as environmental medicine. Seeing the need to educate her patients on the hazards of our environment, she focuses her practice on helping people heal by supporting the body’s ability to detoxify and balance the neuroendocrine system.

“People must be ready to make a drastic shift in their philosophy – as the Chinese medicine principles treating the symptoms is a job – discovering the root causes is hard work…”

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Tell us about your life experiences.
Why did Environmental Illness and Detox become your passion?
How does our environment and detox relate to Lyme?
What is the role of detoxification?
Mechanisms of detoxification? Organs involved?
Should everyone plan on detoxification?
Is there a way to know if your toxin levels have been lowered?
Tell me about the Orenda products that you are so passionate about?