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Cindy Kennedy Discusses Founding Living With Lyme

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, recently chatted with Fem Founder’s Kristin Marquet about starting Living With Lyme. You can read the question-and-answer session about her journey as a healthcare entrepreneur by clicking here.

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When a caregiver becomes a Lyme disease patient

Cindy Kennedy, FNP and founder of Living with Lyme, spoke with nurse and author Elizabeth Scala on a recent Nursing from Within podcast. Cindy discussed what it’s like when a caregiver becomes a Lyme disease patient. Listen to the Nursing Care in the Real World podcast by clicking here.

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Cindy Kennedy talks about living with Lyme

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, discussed living with Lyme disease on a Resilience Radio podcast. In the podcast, Cindy shares how she went from being a medical provider to a patient after she started suffering from symptoms that her doctor could not explain. Cindy talks about how she eventually figured out that she had Lyme disease and…

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MassLive: Lyme disease sufferer launches Living with Lyme podcasts

MassLive this week profiled Cindy Kennedy, FNP, and her website, Livingwithlyme, which features podcasts to share information about the disease. You can read the story here. “Since the launch in August we have reached people all over the world, which is awesome since Lyme exists in every single continent other than Antarctica,” said Kennedy of…

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Cindy Kennedy discusses Lyme disease fatigue

Lyme disease fatigue can be overwhelming Living With Lyme Founder Cindy Kennedy, a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, spoke with 22News of Springfield, Massachusetts, recently about Lyme disease fatigue and the importance of being diagnosed and treated quickly after Lyme symptoms appear. Fatigue is one of the symptoms that Lyme disease inflicts. “I cannot describe the…

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Cindy Kennedy talks Lyme disease with Smallbiz America Radio

Cindy Kennedy, a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and founder of Living With Lyme, recently spoke with Smallbiz America Radio about her struggle with Lyme disease. She also discussed Lyme treatment options, difficulties diagnosing the disease and the latest on our understanding of Lyme.

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