Dr. Jocelyn Strand

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by naturopathic physician Dr. Jocelyn Strand to discuss natural choices for tick borne illnesses, the microbiome and immune healing. Bio-Botanical Research Company’s products are a favorite amongst many practitioners and patients alike.

Dr. Strand graduated from Bastyr University in 2005 with a doctorate in naturopathic
medicine. Following her graduation, she established her practice in the Seattle area, working at
Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, as well as in a gastrointestinal specialty clinic. She returned to
Minnesota in 2008 with the vision of increasing the availability, affordability and awareness of
naturopathic medicine, and opened her private practice at Lake Superior Natural Medicine,
where she specialized in GI system disorders, Lyme disease, and auto-immune conditions as a
primary care provider through the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

In 2019, Dr. Strand became the Director of Clinical Education for Bio-Botanical Research, Inc.,
and continues to inspire others through research and lecturing around the world.

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Difference between antibiotics and herbs?
What have you seen be the results of an herbal protocol?
How long can someone be on herbs?
Are there herbs to support the body is other areas, like Gut and Detoxification?
Do you suggest any additional supportive methods-like sauna, nutrients etc?
Does a missing piece lead to chronic illness?
Are you a gut first practitioner?
What are worrisome issues that require more considerations?
Any thoughts on why so many people with long standing Lyme have a difficult time returning to total health?