Dr. Lari Young

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by Dr. Lari Young, who discusses her “dig deep” approach to finding the underlying causes of chronic illnesses. Although a conventionally trained medical doctor, she has realized the benefit of a functional approach. (See show notes below).

Dr. Young received her medical degree from the University of Vermont School of Medicine as well as a master’s degree in Outcomes Research from Dartmouth College. Prior to medical school, she spent the first decade of her career in cardiovascular research at Massachusetts General Hospital with a focus on measuring and analyzing patient outcomes.

In addition to residency training and a post-doctoral fellowship in Integrative Medicine at Wake Forest University, Dr. Young trained in medical acupuncture and functional medicine through the Helms Medical Institute and the Institute of Functional Medicine. Her passion for holistic healing and bridging the gap between conventional and alternative wellness therapies led her to open her first private practice in 2012, now known as THRIVE Integrated Health.

For more information about Dr. Young, go to thrive4health.com.

Show Notes

Who takes responsibility for a healing journey?
How a MD took on a functional treatment modality?
Testing necessary to lay the ground work for healing.
What systems control repair of the body?
How the endocrine system is a starting point?
How depletion of certain markers can lead to poor function of the body.
The key vitamin, Thiamine, is found to have the greatest value to the body.
What is the best formulation of Thiamine?
The right type of Magnesium for the right issue.
The impact of your personal genetic information.

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